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Syntax error identifier fstream

The error is that you are compiling C+ + code as C. Change the name of your file to main. Maybe you forget the std namespace. ostream is declared in std namespace, so you need to add " using namepsace std" before the declaration of Container or use scope resolution ( std: : ostream). error C3861: ' InitializeComponent' : identifier not found error C: ' components' : is not a. # include < fstream> # include " windows. cpp( 59) : error C: syntax error : identifier ' System' 1>. One of my customer reported that they created a ATL Project/ MFC CDHtmlDialog based C+ + application and they notice the following errors in. std: : ofstream outfile;. to where the stop button is pressed, but then I get errors at the outfile. error C: syntax error: identifier ' Form1'. I believe the error is within Matrix. The code is cut off because I do not think that the classes member functions have anything to do with it. # include " AbstractMatrix.

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    Syntax fstream identifier

    h" class Matrix : public AbstractMatrix { friend std: : ostream. It' s been a long time since I' ve done any C+ +. What' s wrong with this code? # include < iostream> # include < fstream> using namespace std; main( ) { ifstream& ifs( " foo. Gives: $ g+ + foo. cc: In function ' int main( ) ' : foo. cc: 7: 25: error:. This is the error that I get: ERROR: 0: 1: ' ' : syntax error # version This is. exit( 1) ; } std: : ifstream fragmentShaderFile; std: : string tempString2;. Can' t understand why I' m getting this error?

    im kinda new to c+ + and microsoft visual studio, kinda lost on this. # include < iostream> # include < fstream> # include < string> # include < windows. h> using namespace std; # define. You need to scope it. Use using namespace std; or preface ifstream and ostream with std: : For example, std: : ifstream. Currently, the compiler does not know where these structures are defined ( since they are declared/ defined. When I compile there is an error call " error C: syntax error : identifier ' Player' ". # include < SFML/ Graphics. hpp> # include " rapidxml. hpp" # include < fstream> # include < iostream> # include " Collision. h" using namespace rapidxml; class.

    I had to dig into your project to see the problem. You are including interface. h through allegroHelper. h, and therefore Robot is not defined the first time you see its use. Instead of using # include, you can forward- declare a lot of what. I am trying out basic file handling in c+ + using visual studio, can' t seem to use the class fstream. Error C2146 syntax error: missing ' ; ' before identifier ' myfile' CSV C: \ Users\ User\ source\ repos\ CSV\ CSV\ CSV. include < iostream> # include < ctime> / / Needed for Random number # include < cstdlib> / / Exit from function # include < string> / / If statment # include < fstream> / / need to read file.