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Syntax error at or near distinct

The usage syntax for the DISTINCT keyword is as follows: SELECT DISTINCT column_ name, column_ name FROM table_ name;. So in your case that would be: SELECT. DISTINCT is not a function and does not take parameters. It must also follow directly after the SELECT keyword. Try this instead: SELECT DISTINCT tag. minlat) FROM tag, poi WHERE. That is because it will find all the distinct values of id, but supply random values of a and b to go with each. SELECT distinct( post. pname) FROM post, COMMENT WHERE post. pid ORDER BY ( SELECT.

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    Syntax error near

    You can do: select distinct mfin_ score, empirica_ score from account_ details. Keyword distinct is not a function. It' s a keyword to state that you want only distinct tuples on your result set. I am getting following error in my query System. SqlException: Incorrect syntax near the keyword ' Distinct'. I have searched the Google but didn' t find any helpful solution according to my query. My query is this. ERROR: syntax error at or near " distinct" LINE 2: distinct ON ( store. You are missing an order by where the first set of rows should be the ones specified in the distinct on clause. Also, the distinct on clause should be at start of the selection list. Try this: SELECT distinct ON ( store_ ID) store.

    DISTINCT is a keyword to be used immediately after SELECT ( Have a look at the Mysql SELECT syntax). You cannot select columns distinctively, you rather do a SELECT DISTINCT query. What you possibly want is a GROUP. select COUNT ( DISTINCT column1) as distinctVol from table1. The error I' m getting is below: Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near. My query shows an error( an expression was expected near DISTINCT), i dont know how to resolve it, if i remove the first INSERT query line, values are selecting properly, if i add insert it shows error, any help could be useful. 7ms) SELECT DISTINCT distinct id FROM " products" ActiveRecord: : StatementInvalid: PG: : SyntaxError: ERROR: syntax error at or near " distinct" LINE 1: SELECT DISTINCT distinct. uniq already uses DISTINCT. Either use uniq or select( " DISTINCT" ). What' s not clear to me, is why you want to use distinct. select( " distinct id" ).