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Syntax error unexpected end of file bash file

sh提示syntax error: unexpected end of file. The diagnostic " unexpected end of file" is a hint that you have some unmatched or unterminated opening syntactical construct ( if w/ o fi, do w/ o done, opening brackets w/ o the associated closing one, opening but. I just came across two errors in my. bashrc file after I saved the file and. bash: / home/ ju/. bashrc: line 145: syntax error: unexpected end of file. Вот тут представлено решение, проблема была в том, что текстовый редактор приписывал символы \ r\ n вместо только \ r как требует unix. Решение взято отсюда ответ со стекоферфлоу. Вот тут описано как такое. Edit: Note that the original post has been edited since this answer was written and has been reformatted. You should look at the history to see the original formatting to understand the context for this answer. This error occurs. 今天在写Shell时, 运行时出现了这样的错误。 git- sync- tree. sh_ temp: line 111: syntax error: unexpected end of file.

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    Syntax file error

    网上Google了一下, 网上都是. This is what I achieved using shellcheck: #! / bin/ sh if [ $ # - eq 0 ] ; then echo " Usage: trash - l | - p | { filename } * " else if [ " $ 1" = ' - l' ] ; then dir " $ HOME" /. trash elif " $ 1" = = ' - p' ; then rm " $ HOME" /. trash/ * else for i in $ { } ; do mv " $ i". This error occurred on a PHP7 system, but the same codebase did not present the error on a PHP5. Full error is: ParseError: syntax. Syntax error: unexpected end of file Bash решение ответ. sh: line 11: syntax error: unexpected end of file. / bin/ bash # using set shell built- in command to enable debugging # convert # enable. sh is with CRLF line terminators. run dos2unix file. then the problem will be fixed. You can install dos2unix in ubuntu with this: sudo apt- get install dos2unix. bash_ profile - bash: / Users/ note103/.

    bash_ profile: line 82: syntax error: unexpected end of file - bash: _ _ git_ ps1: command not found. さらには、 僕は普段 から自分で作ったPerl製のコマンドラインツールをよく使っていて、. ヒアドキュメントとunexpected end of file. bashでツールを作ってもらってた後輩から「 かっしいさん、 謎のエラーが出ます( ^ ^ ; 」 という相談があったので内容確認。 エラーの 内容は. line 57: syntax error: unexpected end of file. となっており、. 脚本调试老不好, 多半是要废了. 背景: 项目需要部署新的后台服务, 于是开始编写 shell部署脚本, 然后把写好的脚本放到服务器上, 发现不能执行. あと書き忘れましたが, エラーを起こす行番号がちょっと妙なのです。 > たとえば, > rc. modules : Syntax error : unexpected end of file > は line 171 で起きたという のです。 > rc. modules は 170 行しかありません。 それで 171 行. You are subjecting your file name to extra levels of special character.

    Then the sh command is going to parse ls a_ filename, warts and all. find $ HOME / Test - type f - name ' nstring. m' - print - exec bash - c ' echo. Now sh is $ 0, where standard error is sent, which is also the name of the inline script. qdec] $ source $ FREESURFER_ HOME/ bin/ vtk_ setup > bash: / usr/ local/ freesurfer/ bin/ vtk_ setup: line 80: syntax error: unexpected end of file. bash: - c: line 1: syntax error: unexpected end of file. The following error messages can be found in a downloaded migration debug logfile:.