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Syntax error on token variabledeclaratorid expected after this token

I know what the error is, but I can' t seem to grasp how to fix it ; \. The code where the error is: public static final class. I am getting following error: - Syntax error on token " setRedirectStrategy", = expected after this token What does this means? And how can i resolve it. < % @ page language= " java" import= " org. Syntax error on token " reader", VariableDeclartorID expected after this token. Code: import java. BufferedWriter; import java. BufferedReader; import java. File; import java. FileReader; import java. FileWriter; import java. Line( int xpo, int ypo, int thetimee[ ] ) { x = xpo; y = ypo; thatimee = new int[ thetimee. length] ; thatimee[ 0] = thetimee[ 0] ; thatimee[ 1] = thetimee[ 1] ; }.

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    This token token

    You already declared the variable " thatimee" as an array up there, remove the. it would get an error " Syntax error on token " list", VariableDeclaratorId expected after this token - Syntax error on". Also I would get another error, " Syntax error on token( s), misplaced construct( s) " Anybody willing to help? Current object will not be created until your constructor is called. Constructor is called after the variables initialization. So your statement is both sytantically and logically wrong. You need to move this statement in a non- static. Move this inside onCreate AQuery listAq = new AQuery( this) ; ArrayAdapter< JSONObject> aa = new ArrayAdatper< JSONObject> ( this, R. activity_ main, items) {. I' m trying to add an image into my GUI, but im having a " VariableDeclaratorId expected after this token" message.

    I' ve looked up how to fix it, but I can' t. I am getting the error on the setIconImage. I' m doing this on eclipse. i have problem in this simple code, I declare a String, and want change it inside onCreate but AFTER onCreate i have " VariableDeclaratorId expected after this token" Error! And if i put item= 222 inside onCreate i get. Create a constructor for FoodList and put the initialisation in there. public class Groceries { public int max = 10; public String[ ] fruit; private class FoodList { public FoodList( ) { fruit = new String[ 10] ; } } }.