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Syntax error on token class new expected

Must be moved to a method, it can' t be at the class definition level, else it makes no sense ( when would your code be executed? ) : public class Class2 { public void doSomething( ). sendData( ) is a method syntax, not a class private class SendData( ) extends AsyncTask< Void, Void, Void> {. should be private class SendData extends AsyncTask< Void, Void, Void> {. There should be no ( ) after Box and you should close } at the end of your class. Also, you should not be creating a new instance of Random on each function call. Let it rather be a property of that class. private static class Box. In Java, you cannot just put code under a class - it needs to be in a method, constructor or anonymous block. Since this seems like intinialization code, a constructor seems appropriate: public class Memory { File folder = ( new. isClickable( ) ) { Spinner spinner2; < here is your syntax error case spinner2.

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    Syntax expected error

    setSelection( 0) : startActivity( new Intent( this, To. class) ) ; break; case spinner2. setSelection( 1) : startActivity( new Intent( this, out. You can' t just have statements floating in the middle of classes in Java. You either need to put them in methods: package lab6; public class Hellomsg { public void myMethod( ) { System. println( " Hello. " ) ; } } Or in static blocks:. Found a very bad mistake done my me. Forgot to add public static void main( String args[ ] ) in the Thread_ Definition class. public class manyMethods { private static String girlName; public static void setName( String name). Otherwise, it would mean, that you need to create new object ( which means instance of ManyMethods class) to call.

    Your class Site( ) is not a method, its a class. Methods are followed by ( ), classes are simply followed by { } public class Xxx { private boolean[ ] [ ] grid; private boolean OPEN = true; private Site[ ] [ ] s; class Site { private int val; Site( ) { / / empty. You can' t call a class, you have to call a method that is declared inside a class. WRONG: class ClassName { for (. public class AytiMain { public static void main( String[ ] args) { new Kremalation( ). doIt( ) ; } } class Kremalation.