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Return syntaxerror return outside function

SyntaxError: ' return' outside function Even the simplest if statement receives that message, for example: if 2= = 2: return 1 My indentation seems right, I do. Python SyntaxError " Outside Function". Python Forums on. but that hasn' t affected the SyntaxError I keep getting saying the line " return None" is " outside function. Not sure why I' m getting this error, this is my code ( I' ve defined kf and other terms previously) : c_ array = np. that explains it very well. you can' t have a return outside functions because what return does is to exit the current function and pass a value back to the caller, that does not make sense if you are not in a function, that' s like trying to jump off a trampoline when you are already in the pool. Your indention might be inconsistent. Use four spaces per indention level as recommended by PEP- 8. Secondly, it should be inside a function.

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    Outside return return

    Thirdly, your return statement won' t return length of all the items as you want. Rylan Lally over 3 years ago. make sure that return is directly under the function, this should be a good example for you to look back to! def fizz_ count( x) : count = 0 for item in x : if item= = " fizz" : count= count+ 1 return count item= [ " fizz", " cat", " fizz", " Dog", " fizz" ] example=. the error is - File " python", line 8 SyntaxError: ' return' outside function – CD_ NS Nov 5 ' 16 at 22: 18. The return statement only makes sense inside functions: def foo( ) : while True: return False. I have a list, somewhat similar to the one below. lines = [ ' This is line 1', ' This is another line', ' This is the third line. ' ] When I run the return statement to process. It says " SyntaxError: ' return' statement outside of function" and I can' t find the problem. ' return' statement outside of function" and I can' t find the problem.

    I would check my indentation, it looks off. Are you possibly mixing tabs and spaces? The PEP8 ( Python Style Guide) recommends using 4 spaces only. Unlike other languages, whitepace makes a big difference in Python,. Hey there, mates. I' m having issues in the Review: Functions. It' s been maybe four days ( big break) since I' ve coded a bit, but I know I remember almost all I' ve been taught. How do I fix this? well, that return is not write, the instructions give a pretty big hint about what you should use: If the string actually has some characters in it, print the user' s word. SyntaxError: ' return' outside function #. Closed spyder- bot opened this Issue Feb 17, · 1 comment Comments. Assignees No one assigned Labels 1 star. I am getting a syntax error: return outside function python syntax- error. You return it outside of the class, you function should be like this def function. In the Hint section it says I should use return instead of print but then I got the following problem.

    " syntaxError: ' return' outside function. My question is what does it mean when I get this error, I tried to import i& hellip;. File " python", line 8 SyntaxError:. return statements cannot be outside functions as the error says. consider what a return statement does. a function ends the moment a return keyword is reached. In the first line of your function return is reached. You should put the if/ elif/ else inside the shutdown function, and then compare " yes", " no" with s ( the variable inside your function). I' m trying to learn python, so I did this simple looking code in pyscripter. I double, triple, quadruple checked the spacing, but I keep getting. It' s now giving me another syntaxError: File " RPS. py", line 24 elif user_ choice_ index = = 0 and computer_ ch oice_ index = = 2: ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax.

    After you copy and paste your code into your post, you need to format it so we can see indentation, underscores, and other details. For instructions on formatting, see the link that looks like this:. 当我运行写的脚本的时候, 便出现 File " C: \ kav. py", line 96 SyntaxError: ' return' outside function 不知道为什么, 可以帮我解决一下吗?. SyntaxError: ' return' outside function. com: Jan 31, 09: 49 pm. Melih Onvural: Feb 01, 06: 15 am. I' m trying to use an if statement in my notebook but keep receiving the message? SyntaxError: ' return' outside function Even the simplest if statement receives that message, for example: if 2= = 2: return 1 My indentation seems. SyntaxError: return not in function SyntaxError: yield not in function. A return or yield statement is called outside of a function. The node parser doesn´ t allow ' return' outside of a function ( see nodejs/ node- v0. x- archive# 6254) and throws SyntaxError: ' return' outside of function. When I get this right it is necessary to have a return at the beginning of the main.

    A close look at the return not in function SyntaxError within JavaScript, including sample code snippets illustrating how these errors might occur. 39; return' outside of function" errors in babel. I' m not sure if returns outside of functions will ever become. Syntax error: return outside of function. Melih Onvural: Jan 31, 09: 25 pm. Steven Bethard: Jan 31, 09: 41 pm. Python は、 Yahoo! 知恵袋では、 インデントが消えて全く分からなくなりますね。 SyntaxError: ' return' outside function は、 インデントが足りないので、 関数の外にある と思われたせいだと思います。 インデントの深さがブロックの深さを表してい. Pythonはインデントを正しく書かないと動作しないのはご存知でしょうか? 以下の記事 の. Pythonを始めよう ( 1/ 5) : CodeZine( コードジン) jp/ article/ detail/ 1617. ブロックは全てインデントで記述する. の箇所を読んでみて. Your indentation seems to be incorrect, and you should not have the first return count ( why would you return count as soon as you define it? def fizz_ count( x) : count = 0 for item in x: if item = = " fizz" : count + = 1 # equivalent to.

    8/ 9 " SyntaxError: ' return' outside function" I' ve been trying to submit my code many times that i had even to check here on forums and found that my code is correct. What is wrong with my code? i am getting the message ' ' Syntax error: ' return outside function' " ) Any hint? line 6 SyntaxError: ' return' outside function. Compiler showed: File " temp. py", line 56 return result SyntaxError: ' return' outside function Where was I wrong? Python SyntaxError : ' return' outside function. I want to return 2 values : the first one is data read from sensor connected to raspberry and the second one is current time rasp. / usr/ bin/ env python from datetime import datetime class. Community; Catalog; Log in.

    This forum is now read- only. 3 replies) Has anyone seen this error before and been able to solve it? I can' t seem to find anything that leads to a solution. I found this post org/ Collectors/ Zope/ 1809, but can' t really understand it. You didn' t properly indent your return statement and also the first line in the function foo. This video will explaining the return statement. This will allow us to take a value from a function and use it outside of a function. Hello, I' ve managed to get the code to print the answers required for this challenge, but when I changed it to return it gives the SyntaxError: ' return' outside function. I keep getting File " python", line 5 SyntaxError: ' return' outside function, but my returns are indented. I don' t think the instructions are very clear on most of these examples. From: Melih Onvural < meli. com> 22: 15: Thanks all, I did a massive make sure everything is indents. Python Forums on Bytes.