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Syntax error in from clause oledbdataadapter

Here my Code: static string ConnString = " Provider= Microsoft. 0; Data Source= E: \ \ P- OT- MT\ \ P- OT- DB. accdb; Jet OLEDB: Database. I don' t typically use the query wizard, but I got the same error message in the MS. 18 thoughts on “ Syntax Error in FROM Clause”. OLEDB is a better ( improved) successor of ODBC ( although the inners work differently) and I. This is also one of the issues that I have seen a few times. What happens here is that customer uses *. xls or any text file as a data source and connects to it using. The error reported from the framework. The Microsoft MDAC Platform SDK outlines ADO/ OLEDB reserved words. You should never. Your current SQL is SELECT * FROM [ ], which is why you' re getting a syntax error there. Change the order of your code: Dim TableName As String TableName = TbTableName.

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    Clause syntax from

    Text Dim TableCreate As New OleDb. I' m using OleDB to import data into grid from text file with extension ". Here' s some example code: FileInfo file = new FileInfo( filename) ; string connectionString = " " ; OleDbDataAdapter adapter; OleDbConnection con; connectionString. 0; Data Source= C: \ Users\ Pavilion\ Documents\ Visual Studio \ Projects\ WindowsApplication5\ Ent. Open( ) Dim sql As String sql = " SELECT * FROM user WHERE UName= ' " + nm + " ' AND Pwd= ' " + pass. I' m Getting a syntax error in the form clause in this code, can anyone help? Thanks : ) Dim sql As String Dim con As New OleDb. OleDbConnection Dim da As OleDb. OleDbDataAdapter Dim ds As New DataSet con. message box appears " Syntax Error in FROM cause" How can i find. OleDbDataAdapter ad3 = new OleDbDataAdapter( path, con3) ; DataSet. AccCode= ' " + label1. text + " ' " ; OleDbCommand cmd = new OleDbCommand( query, con) ; OleDbDataAdapter daName = new OleDbDataAdapter( cmd) ; OleDbDataReader dr = cmd. Syntax error in FROM clause.

    ExecuteCommandTextErrorHandling( OleDbHResult hr) at. Thank you for the feedback, DJ KRAZE, it helped me to get thinking about the problem in different ways. It turns out that I simply had to add. 0; Data Source= ' c: \ \ Users\ \ test. xls' ; Extended Properties= \ " Excel 8. 0; HDR= Yes; IMEX= 1\ " ; " ) ; database. I am getting exception " Syntax error in from clause" for the line of code starting at data1. It turns out that I simply had to add square brackets around the table name if it has spaces in the name, though it had to. On this page, only a quick introduction of the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard is shown. Click the Next button to continue. The next page in. For the record, the issue was that COMP is included in the list of Access SQL Reserved Words, presumably as an abbreviation of COMPRESSION for Access DDL. Changing the table alias from comp to cmpt allowed the query.

    Syntax error in FROM clause" So I google this. " contained in the path and put it there but get same error. So I put it on a. pls help ( : error : syntax error in FROM clause public void readUser( ). 0; Data Source= C: \ Users\ hp\ Documents\ Visual Studio. Hi, I am unable to use the IF conditional clause when creating a custom column. DAX if statement syntax error. OLEDB or ODBC ERROR. The error reported from the framework when issuing a SELECT is : { " Syntax error in FROM clause. " } The most common reason.