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Syntax error near unexpected token php

лог ошибки: $ / bin/ bash ~ / engine- daemon. sh / home/ user/ engine. I have to call this one- liner from a PHP script but it does. sh: line 8: syntax error near unexpected token `. substitution: syntax error near unexpected. 2 thoughts on “ syntax error near unexpected token `. this syntax error has happened to me. referer: totallifechangesmlmrevolution. I have set the php file in cron job on the parallel plesk 10. In notification email it is showing the errors. syntax error near unexpected token ` PHP > Code Sniffer; Click the [. shell程序, 遇到错误syntax error near unexpected token ‘ ( ' 怎么办.

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    Near syntax unexpected

    Par défaut erreur : syntax error near unexpected token. Bonjour, j' ai un message erreur quand j' essaye executer mon script erreur :. bash: syntax error near unexpected token ' done' 0. Вызов КриптоПро утилиты csptestf в php для подписи файла в Linux. 안드로이드 커널소스를 받는 과정중에 curl을 이용하여 repo를 다운받아 설치하는데 URL이 틀리면 파일의 내용이 비어있기. syntax error near unexpected token ` mothur, Mothur, followed by the command. In each case I get the error: - bash: syntax error near unexpected token ' ( '. The weird wildcard uses extended globbing. You need to enable extglob either as part of your script ( probably better) or in your Bash setup ( probably where it was before, and then it broke when somebody changed it for. Common Syntax Error Near Unexpected Token Newline’ Php: TroubleshootOptions It’ s only natural to encounter some problems when you utilize your laptop or computer. bash: syntax error near unexpected token ' ( ' linux ubuntu bash terminal.

    share | improve this question. syntax- quoting - Escape Characters, delimiters and Quotes;. go to bug id or search bugs for. Bug # 3689: syntax error near unexpected token ' ; ' Submitted: : 20 UTC. syntax error near unexpected token ` then', liux初级入门篇: liux下一个简单的if语句, 对照这书上写下来, 却发现有错误, 只是因为忽略了. Moved the site to another server. Add file statistic. php to the Сron to perform. Only this Cron that does not like something. Write errors: / home/ site/ www/ statistic. Make sure, that you execute the script as php script and not as bash script. Your crontab should look like this: * * * * * / usr/ bin/ php - f / path/ to/ file. Another way to execute the script as php is to add a shebang in the first line:. That is the error you would expect if you execute a php template file e.

    php under the bash script interpretor, for example if you create a basic php script file; $ echo - e " < html> \ n< / body>