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Syntax error json response

The reason this happens is because you' re using a local file, so a mime type of " text/ xml" is implied and hence Firefox will try to parse it as XML into. responseXML of the underlying XHR object. This of course fails. You' re not sending JSON; jQuery' s default serialization when you give it an object is URI- encoding. To send JSON instead, convert your object to a string with JSON. You should also identify that what you' re sending. You need to return the json string instead of a ModelAndView object. When calling the method addOjbect at the ModelAndView object what you are doing is add or overwrite an attribute to the model. ModelAndView api. I am trying to call REST service using fetch( ) but I keep getting SyntaxError: JSON.

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    Error response json

    parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data. I thought that there is something wrong with JSON my rest service was. SyntaxError: JSON. parse: unterminated string literal SyntaxError: JSON. parse: bad control character in string. parse( ' { " foo" : 01 } ' ) ; / / SyntaxError: JSON. parse: expected ', ' or ' } ' after property value / / in object at line 1. JSONではありえない位置に < という文字が入っているというエラーで、 要するに JSON. parse( ) に渡した文字列が正しいJSONではありません。 < ということから察するに、 API のレスポンスがHTMLになってしまっているのではないでしょうか?. You need to add a callback parameter.

    I' ll explain exactly why below. A JSONP call doesn' t work without a callback. The data is loaded in a script tag, and if the code is not in a form of a method call, the result would just be an. parse( ) に渡した文字列が正しいJSONではありません。 < ということから察するに、 API のレスポンスがHTMLになってしまっているのではないでしょうか?