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Syntax error on token interface expected

Must be moved to a method, it can' t be at the class definition level, else it makes no sense ( when would your code be executed? ) : public class Class2 { public void doSomething( ). You forgot the entry point method declaration. Try adding: public static void main( String[ ] args) {. before the line where you got the error. The project was a hello world maven project in java 9. Without the addition of these 3 property entries the maven plugin defaulted to java 1. After adding these properties in pom. xml and building the project the issue is fixed. This is the actual problem: mPlayer = new MediaPlayer( ) ;. That' s just a statement - but it' s not in a constructor, method or other initializer.

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    Expected syntax interface

    It' s not clear why you don' t just assign a value at the point of the declaration:. The package statement must be first in the file, before anything, even imports: package hw1; import java. Plus, you don' t need to import java. Math, or anything in java. lang for that matter. The JLS, Chapter 7. You embedded the saying method within the getName method, but you can' t do that in Java. Place the closing brace for getName before the saying method, not after. You can implement an interface and can extend a non- final class. It seems you are using the implements keyword for a class instead of an interface. Syntax error on token " void", @ expected. Those instructions must be written separate and at the start of the class. Your caesarDecipher method definition is embedded in the method caesarEncipher. That' s not legal Java, and you' ve confused the poor compiler.

    Strict indenting makes these kinds of things very clear. If you' re using an IDE, or emacs, look. a class without specifying a concrete type argument. ) Perhaps you' re after this: public interface FacilityMasterService< E extends AbstractAssessmentLevelBean > extends AbstractAssessmentLevelService< E> { }. share| improve this answer.