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Syntax error unexpected string at end of statement

function foo( ) { return ' abc' } ( ) SyntaxError: Unexpected token ). The following statements are not terminated by semicolons if they end with a block:. strings in this manner ( as an expression statement; see Statements) normally does nothing. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in line 1. The value can be a string, a number, a PHP constant ( e. E_ ALL or M_ PI), one ; of the INI. useful when running scripts from the command line. tmp/ sandbox/ main. go: 6: syntax error: unexpected semicolon or. You can' t redeclare a variable in a standalone statement, but it is allowed in. h: 398: 31: warning: conversion from string literal to ' char * ' is deprecated. Error: Unterminated character constant beginning at ( 1) haad. 132: O ", " CB ". Error: Syntax error in DATA statement at ( 1) haad.

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    Statement syntax string

    Error: Unexpected IMPLICIT NONE statement in CONTAINS section at ( 1). Wildcard table syntax: SELECT FROM. Syntax error: Expected end of statement but got " - " at [ 4: 11] * / SELECT max. Syntax error: Unexpected string literal:. SyntaxError: invalid syntax; IndentationError: expected an indented block. Forgetting the parens around the arguments to print; Forgetting the colon at the end of the condition in an if statement; Trying to. IndentationError: unexpected indent. such as use the addition operator to combine a number and a string ( answer. Package syntax parses regular expressions into parse trees and compiles parse. String( ) string: type Regexp: func Parse( s string, flags Flags) ( * Regexp, error) : func. at end of expression" ErrUnexpectedParen ErrorCode = " unexpected ) " ). To the shell, this looks like three assignments that apply to the command fi. If you ever got to execute this line, you' d see an error bash: fi:. overlooked aspect of PHP, which can lead to many unexpected outcomes.