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Syntax error near token done

The if starting at: if [ $? = = 0 ] ; then echo " User Already Exists : Error adding user with username. is ended with the done instead of the fi that is required. The while loop starting a couple of lines earlier: cat userlist. txt | while read. / bin/ bash - n test. sh: line 13: syntax error near unexpected token ` done' test. sh: line 13: ` done' bashシェルスクリプトを作成して実行する前に、 文法チェックを行っ てから実行すると良いかもしれません。 また、 以下サイトに作成して. You didn' t " close" this if with a fi : if [ $ etheditmode = 1 ]. Try indenting your code to make it easier for yourself ( and others) to read, and check out shellcheck. - bash: / Users/ note103/. bash: line 52: syntax error near unexpected token ` elif' - bash:. て、 少ししてからそれは. bashrcに仕込んでいた エイリアスに「 done」 というエイリアス名を使っていたことが原因のエラーだったことを.

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    Error near syntax

    Run cat - v file. You most likely have a carriage return or no- break space in your file. cat - v will show them as ^ M and M- BM- or M- respectively. It will similarly show any other strange characters you might have gotten into. シェルスクリプトの実行時に出るエラーsyntax error near unexpected token ` done' について。 #! / bin/ shecho " how many images? " read nnecho " what' s the number of first image? " read f echo " wh. you are closing the while before the if. while read filename do echo " $ filename" if [ - s $ filename ] then tail - 10 $ filename | grep date ' + % Y- % m- % d' > > $ lastlines1 echo " - Next Error File - " > > $ lastlines1 else echo " no errrors" fi. No, shell scripts are not tab sensitive ( unless you do something really crazy, which you are not doing in this example).

    You can' t have an empty while do done block, ( comments don' t count) Try substituting echo $ name instead. When i run my bash script I get the error: syntax error near unexpected token ` done'. I am kinda new to programming and i have tried alot of googleing but it just doesend work. I hope one of you guys can see.