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Syntax error declspec dllimport

exe file that contains the main function. Without _ _ declspec( dllimport),. I am trying to build glog from the source with BUILD_ SHARED_ LIBS flag ON, but i got a lot of _ _ declspec( dllimport) syntax error that relate to. DLL: extern _ _ declspec( dllexport) int mytestvar = 125; EXE:. obj : error LNK: unresolved external symbol " _ _ declspec( dllimport) int * mytestvar". The export/ import syntax varies across compilers. declspec( dllexport) adds the export directive to the object file so you do not need to. However, using _ _ declspec( dllexport) in addition to using a. def file does not cause build errors. It contains examples of _ _ declspec( dllimport) usage. The dllimport and dllexport storage- class modifiers must be used with the extended attribute syntax keyword, _ _ declspec, as shown in this.

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    Syntax error declspec

    今天在做dll开发的时候, 用VC编译成功后, 心血来潮升级到VC, 立刻一堆 错误, 其中一个错误error C syntax error. It gave errors in the manifest and the linker and that is due to un- referencing. # else # define DLL_ 1_ API _ _ declspec( dllimport) # endif class DLL_ 1_ API A {. bsolutionsapps\ bsolform\ bsolform. h( 8) : error C2143: syntax error. can be very picky about the order in which you declare the calling convention and storage- class information( export visibily with _ _ declspec ). at level 2 is instead just a particular case of the syntax error C. ( dllexport ) ; _ _ declspec ( dllimport) ; _ _ declspec ( implementation_ key ( # ) ). The extended attribute syntax simplifies and standardizes Microsoft- specific. int * _ _ declspec( selectany) pi3 = 0; / / ERROR, selectany is not part of a declarator.