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Displaying error message in apex

Id) ; return pageRef; } else { throw new applicationException( ' error' ) ; return null; } } catch ( Exception ex) { ApexPages. Message msg = new ApexPages. Message( ApexPages. getMessage( ) ) ; ApexPages. From trigger, you can not show the warning message. If you want to show the warning on the detail page of the record, just create a VF page and add it on the top of the detail page layout as inline page. You can display error messages using the addError method on sobject or its fields. Salesforce docs on the sobject instance addError method:. There are many available strategies. Probably the simplest is to use the required attribute: < apex: inputText value= " {! LastName} " required= " true" / >. The advantage there is that you do not require any Apex at all. apex: page controller= " TestPageController" > < apex: form id= " someForm" > < apex: pageMessages id= " someMessages". When I press the button on the page, I get a successful rerender, and an error message on the screen. You need to use addError on the field in question, which also implies that you must directly bind the field to an apex: inputField.

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    Message displaying apex

    Here' s a trivial example: < apex: page controller= " q69" > < apex: form> < apex: pageBlock>. If you are using reRender, then the issue is here if ( results = = null) {. change this to if ( results. , because query will return empty list. apex: pageMessages is used to display more than one message on a visualforce page. It will display Salesforce generated messages( probably some exception or error) as well as custom messages that you have added to the.