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Error system data entity dynamicproxies

Yes, But that url' s are not useful for me and Again in am getting same error. No idea what userRepository. Current is but it seems that it doesn' t correctly/ eagerly load the UserSpecial property. Why don' t you use view models? Why are you passing domain entity models to your views? In my case, this exact same error was due to the DateTime object not recognizing the way I had formatted the string passed to it. So to get over this hurdle make sure your test data is valid for DateTime String Format. I created a simple WEb- API project, models generated from Northwind database using reverseengineering EF tool and added a control using. InvalidOperationException: " The type System. x is not known to the DbContext.

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    Entity error data

    nkglasser opened. · Fixing Many to Many Association error w/ Proxies. Fix for issue # 122:. up vote 79 down vote accepted. When you see an object like: System. Entity Framework has created this object because it tracks when the objects has changed so when you call. SaveChanges( ) it can optimize what to do. The downfall of this is that you aren' t actually using the specific object you defined, thus Data Contracts and. will solve your problem. It' s a while since I used ASP. NET WebForms, but I think your problem is here: ql. DataValueField = Convert. ToString( choice. DataTextField = choice. I think that Convert.

    @ timritzer · Fixing Many to Many Association error w/ Proxies. Error: " The type System. ParentClass_ A0EBE0D1022D01EB84B81873D49DEECC60879FC4152BB115215C3EC16FB8003A was not expected. Use the XmlInclude or SoapInclude attribute to. I had the same problem, but somehow, my. cshtml file ( in DisplayTemplates) was not published ( anymore). Make sure it' s Build Action is set to Content. Took me hours to figure out, so I would like to mention it as a solution. share| improve this. There are two types of Entities in Entity Framework: POCO Entities and. The type of dynamic proxy for Student will be System. Self referencing loop detected for property ' xxxx' with type ' System. Entity Framework 4.

    0 POCO Classes and Data Services. If you' ve flipped on the. The type ' System. I dont know how to solve the proble, something is wrong, please help! the problem is: The model item passed into the dictionary is of type ' System. This article helps you to understand what a proxy in the Entity Framework is. then it has a long name like: System. Entity Framework Code First to a New Database Video. types have names that look something like this: System. instead of the proxy type and we do the following to detect if the current type is a proxy. = null & & entityType. Namespace = = " System. DynamicProxies" ) { entityType = entityType. The Solution was due to lazy loading after all. I had to tell the query to grab everything so that when the context closes I still had access to the data.

    This is the change I had to make: public static List< stuff> Stuff; using ( var. Exception Details: System. InvalidOperationException: The model item passed into the dictionary is of type ' System.