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Syntax error at or near begin postgres

config_ change_ log ( id serial NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, last_ config_ version varchar( 255),. CREATE FUNCTION trigf1( sbno integer, scid numeric( 4, 0) ) RETURNS integer AS - - error # 1: no AS keyword. loop BEGIN select totvoters into max_ from ballotbox WHERE cid= scid AND bno= sbno; - - error # 7: the syntax for. Your CREATE TRIGGER syntax is invalid. You' re misunderstanding how it works. Trigger creation is done in two steps: Create the function that implements the trigger logic; then; Create a trigger that runs the function when. SQL functions don' t have BEGIN and END like plpgsql functions. CREATE FUNCTION proc_ test( userId int) RETURNS void AS $ func$ UPDATE pl_ payroll SET remarks = viw. remarks FROM pl_ payroll diff, viwPayDifference. STEP 1 : You need to Create function that returns type Trigger in that function you should mention the SQL Operation like below: CREATE FUNCTION trigger_ function( ) RETURNS TRIGGER AS $ $ BEGIN DELETE FROM ctg. you can use procedural statements only inside function body in PostgreSQL. CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION foo( ) RETURNS int AS $ $ - - here start procedural part DECLARE x int; BEGIN x : = 10; RETURN x; END;. This would work: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION fill_ invoice2( in_ num integer) RETURNS void AS $ func$ DECLARE counter numeric : = 0; BEGIN IF in_ num > 1 THEN WHILE counter < 10 LOOP INSERT INTO invoice( ID.

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    Syntax near error

    環境 PostgreSQL 8. 23 A5: SQL Mk- 2 2. 0 やったこと こんな感じにファンクション をPostgreSQLに作成したとする。 create or replace function gettest1( numeric) returns varchar as ' declare test_ char varchar : = ' ' AAA' ' ; begin return. You need a CREATE FUNCTION statement if you' re trying to create a function, or a DO block if you' re trying to run a one- off procedure. For one- off DO blocks, it should look like. DO LANGUAGE plpgsql $ $ BEGIN. plpgsql code here. Can' t seem to get this function to Create, even when I empty out all the DECLARE block and the BEGIN- END block and. ERROR: syntax error at or near " CREATE " LINE 1: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION split_ country( ).