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Syntax error identifier object

There are some issues here: location is a keyword in JavaScript, you cannot pass that as parameter to a function. location value " Antoine Vallasois Ave, Vacoas- Phoenix, England", " stopover" : true is not a valid JSON, so it will. It looks like the error is that you have two header files that are circularly including one another - intersection. Doing this tends to lead to weird surprises in C+ + because of how include guards work. The reason is that when you use string concatenation, params is casted to string, as result you get something like [ object Object] in parenthesis. You should better put params as var params = ' { a: 1, b: 2} ' ;. The problem is that when you include EntityControl. h you have also included Fish. h which refers to Fish defined in Fish. However EntityControl. h refers to Fish. h which won' t get included because of the pragma once directive. I' m learning using Javascript Object Literal, I also tested this javascript in Chrome' s Javascript console and it returned Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected Identifier. Working code " use strict" ; var myObject = { foo: ' bar', talk : function( ) {. parse coerces its argument to a string, and plain objects by default stringify to [ object Object].

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    Syntax error identifier

    The initial [ leads JSON. parse to expect an array, but it then chokes on the object token, which does not fit the JSON grammar. Please help me to understand what' s wrong. I want to parse JSON reply as object.