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Checkbox error message in android

isChecked( ) ) m+ + ; / / you can save this as checked somewhere } } ) ; if( m> 2 | | m< 2) / / show error message else / / code here. you can save checkbox' s detail if its selected, in. チェックボックスはチェックされた状態とチェックされていない状態を持つことができる. チェックボックスのチェック状態を設定する方法は2通りある. < LinearLayout xmlns: android. com/ apk/ res/ android". you can try this code, here vg is the base layout public static boolean validateAllCheckBoxt( ViewGroup vg) { boolean validate = true; try { for ( int i = 0; i < vg. getChildCount( ) ; i+ + ) { View child = vg. getChildAt( i) ; if ( child instanceof. As far as clearing the error, you can add an OnCheckedChangeListener like this: reg_ terms. Personally, I would extract the string into your R. strings as well and reference it in the XML and the code.

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    Checkbox android error

    For the text wrapping,. Try the following code ( also, not using wrapper class Boolean ) : boolean yourBool = getIntent( ). getBooleanExtra( " yourBoolName", false) ;. share| improve this answer. answered Aug 13 ' 16 at 16: 05. two properties in xml for CheckBox: android: focusableInTouchMode= " true" android: focusable= " true". setError( " you error msg" ) ;. and when you want the error message to be shown call checkBox. requestFocus( ) ;. To display the seterror for checkbox and radiobutton its working. Your code also right for displaying set error. CheckBox cb= ( CheckBox) findViewById( R. setError( " error" ) ;. At first only the error icon will be. Displaying error messages in forms on Android is really simple.

    But gladly all relevant Widgets for error messages do inherit from TextView : EditText, AutoCompleteTextView, CheckBox and RadioButton ( well, the. I have been trying to validate Checkbox set and Radio set and show the error messages using ng- messages directive but it does not work out as expected. The ng- messages does not show the error message at all. I am populating error. widget パッケージ - CheckBox クラスを使用します。 ソースコード package com. checkboxsample; import android. Activity; import android. Bundle; import android. View; import android.