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Syntax error in date in query expression access 2016

Syntax error in query expression ' Table Name. Syntax error ( missing operator) in query expression ' TableName. You must force a format on the string expressions for your dates. Get used to use the ISO sequence yyyy- mm- dd as it works everywhere: strHolidays = " NameOfYourTable" strWhere = " [ Holiday] > = # " & Format( startDate,. Syntax error in date in query expression- Microsoft Access Development. Visit Dev Articles to discuss Syntax error in date in query expression. it seems you are the lucky inheritor of a poorly designed database. Using special characters in a field name is just asking for trouble. And you' ve found what that trouble is. Access uses the # sign to designate a Date.

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    Date access error

    DateValue( # / 06/ 15# ). which simply should be: # / 06/ 15#. or - if DailyReportEndDate is a date - is casted to a string of a format out of your control like: DateValue( # # ). which should have been: # / 06/ 15. Here is the problem: " ID = " & TxtID. You are adding a ' at the end. Incorrect syntax. You should either have one at the start as well, or non at all ( if ID is numeric). " ID = ' " & TxtID. Or: " ID = " & TxtID. First: the syntax you are using is not valid SQL as you have more than one FROM clause which is not. of SQL and patch together to get a working query - there is a rather strict and well- defined syntax that you must adhere to. Put [ ] around any field names that had spaces ( as Dreden says) and save your query, close it and reopen it.

    Using Access, I still had the error message on new queries after I added [ ] around any field names. Hi Guys, I am doing an Electronic Library Management System that includes counting of time for each student who logged in every time he/ she goes or used e - library. But I' m having trouble in frmReserve. Here is the error that. One of my forms is open in datasheet view and when I click on the arrow besides name of the field to filter data it gives me an error: Syntax error ( missing operator) in query operation ' Name of Person'. There are no queries.