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Visual studio script1002 syntax error

My web site I first started my website gives the following error on internet explorer 10. Other browsers( Google Chrome, Firefox. ) is working correctly. JavaScript critical error at line 2,. IE11 does not recognize this syntax for classes because ES6 spec: github. io/ compat- table/ es6/ class RgMuiBox { static method1( ) { / /. } } I' m still not sure if the following is the correct way to define a static. ダウンロード. Visual Studio · SDK; 評価版ソフトウェア. JavaScript 言語リファレンス JavaScript リファレンス JavaScript のエラー.

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    Studio visual error

    JavaScript 構文エラーは いずれかの JavaScript ステートメントの構造が構文規則に違反した場合に発生します。. Your browser is apparently running an add- on that injects scripts into loaded pages, and these scripts cause problems with IE11 ( and 10). You can configure Visual Studio to run IE in safe mode by adding an iexplore - extoff. It looks as though your script manager adds in the jquery reference in the body tag of a master page. You' re putting in your own script and referencing jquery using the ' $ ' symbol before the master page gets to the body tag. I got the same error with Visual Studio. I got this error: SCRIPT1002: Syntax error. I solved the problem by giving the anonymous access to the script folder in the WEB. CONFIG < location path= " XXXXXX" > < system. These are the error messages. You have many errors in visual studio editor for your html! You may mistyped to close a tag or something. I know IE is not smart enough to parse pages with such problems.

    Typically you cannot bundle dynamically generated JavaScript such as / signalr/ hubs. If you want to bundle the / signalr/ hubs script ( aka the SignalR JS hub proxy ), you need to generate the script before deployment. I am building a website using Aurelia within Visual Studio, it has the babel transpiler and my config file looks as follows babelOptions: { " optional" : [ " optimisation. decorators", " es7. classProperties", " es7.