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Syntax error at or near delete postgres

According to the documentation for DELETE, you can use certain kinds of other sub- queries, though; the USING syntax in particular might be interesting. Try to prepare subquery with LIMIT as below. DELETE FROM txn_ log WHERE txn_ log_ pgm_ id IN ( SELECT txn_ log_ pgm_ id FROM txn_ log ORDER BY txn_ log_ timestamp asc LIMIT 500). ERROR: syntax error at or near " INNER" LINE 1: DELETE from m_ productprice B INNER JOIN m_ product C ON B. DELETE FROM m_ productprice B USING m_ product C WHERE B. m_ product_ id = C. m_ product_ id AND C. upc = ' 7094' AND. Another form that works with Postgres 9. 1+ is combining a Common Table Expression with the USING statement for the join. I' ve installed phpPgAdmin to try to reproduce your error.

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    Syntax delete error

    I got it right away when tried to create a test table: enter image description here. So looks like phpPgAdmin wraping your query into select count( * ) as total from (. I try to create a simple table but there is a syntax error at or near " ON" and I don' t know why. Any hint will be helpful. create table Cook( CookID serial PRIMARY KEY ON DELETE CASCADE, FirstName varchar( 20), LastName. But when I tried to delete ( i. , drop) the trigger, i get the following error. DROP TRIGGER example_ trigger; ERROR: syntax error at or near " ; " LINE 1: DROP TRIGGER example_ trigger; ^. I am not sure why do I get this error. User is a reserved keyword in Postgres. You' ll have to put it in quotes if you want to refer to an actual table named user: DROP TABLE " user" ;. Probably best to stay away from using reserved keywords as table names if you.

    How can we use the cascade in PostgreSQL while deleting the one record from the parent table that is being referred in other child tables. Currently it is giving the syntax error. ERROR: syntax error at or near " cascade" LINE 1: DELETE FROM. This are the commands I' ve tried: DELETE FROM database_ userprofile WHERE user. username = ' some' ; ERROR: syntax error at or near ". always include tour PostgreSQL version and any relevant table definitions. Explaining what you' re. As bf points out, postgres does not support JOINs when conducting a DELETE query. due to that inefficiency plus that such queries are sometimes an easy way out to honing one' s skill like learning JOIN syntax.