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Json decode returns syntax error

Obviously something to do with JSON, Zend,. The json_ last_ error function helps here. json_ last_ error returns an integer error code. , JSON_ ERROR_ SYNTAX. public static function decode( $ json,. json_ decode returns JSON_ ERROR_ SYNTAX but online formatter says the JSON is OK. break; case JSON_ ERROR_ SYNTAX: echo " \ r\ n\ r\ n - SYNTAX ERROR \ r\ n\ r\ n" ; break; case JSON_ ERROR_ UTF8: echo ' - JSON_ ERROR_ UTF8' ;. It could be the encoding of the special characters. You could ask json_ last_ error ( ) to get definite information. Update: The issue is solved, look at the " Solution" paragraph in the question. As we found in the comments that there are invisible characters in the string, consider running this bit of code.

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    Returns json syntax

    It should show you each character in the string, it' d ascii value and it' s printed version. There should be a few. json_ decode returns NULL after webservice call. $ data = json_ decode( $ foo, true) but it returns NULL: var_ dump. as number 4 so it is JSON_ ERROR_ SYNTAX. I would like to decode the json from:. PHP json_ decode return error code 4. The return error code 4 is due to a JSON_ ERROR_ SYNTAX you must try to fix your json. Hi, I' ve created a service which returns the following json string. { status : true, postcode : LE2 2DA, longitude : - 1. } The problem is that at the other. and one site is now showing Error decoding JSON data: Syntax error in the backend,. 15 Joomla\ Registry\ Format\ Json. Return to “ Migrating and.

    News / June 12, PHP 7. 3: A Look at JSON Error Handling. One of the new features coming to PHP 7. 3 is better error handling for json_ encode( ) and json_ decode( ). The RFC was unanimously accepted by a 23 to 0 vote. json_ decode( ) returns null if the JSON cannot be decoded or if the encoded data is deeper than the recursion limit. , JSON_ ERROR_ SYNTAX = > ' Syntax error,. I got a very strange problem. I have a JSON webservice. When i check it with this website freeformatter. com/ json- formatter. html# ad- output Everything is OK. If you go to the url in a browser you can see this message: bad character in string literal at line 1 column 294388.

    json_ last_ error_ msg — Returns the error string of the last json_ encode( ). function json_ last_ error_ msg. In this page you will learn about PHP json_ last_ error( ) function. While working on encoding or decoding JSON, if an error occur, json_ last_ error( ) function returns. In the var_ dump I read string( 187) " [ { gatewayId:,. Here the key gatewayId is not quoted. The JSON standard requires keys to be strings which use " ". The data thus is not valid JSON and PHP rejects it. Json libraries ( updated 23 December for some comments on decoding simple strings as returned from postgresql queries). Hi all, I use json_ decode to parse json to array in php. But it return null. Why not return null and how to fix it?

    thanks very much. json_ encode returning false # 13329. Hi the output is " Syntax error" Contributor. { return json_ decode. The response Google is giving you isn' t valid JSON because the labels are not quoted. You' ll have to parse it yourself. $ response = ' { lhs: " 555 Euros", rhs: " 796. dollars", error: " ", icc: true' ; preg_ match( ' / rhs: \ s* " ( [ ^ " ] + ) " / '. この関数にはパラメータはありません。 JSON_ ERROR_ DEPTH スタックの深さの最大値を超えました JSON_ ERROR_ STATE_ MISMATCH JSON の形式が無効、 あるいは壊れています JSON_ ERROR_ CTRL_ CHAR 制御文字エラー。 おそらくエンコーディングが違い. An article on how to do error handling with json_ encode and json_ decode. or else you will get a syntax error. The JSON returned from the server is an array:.

    parse( text, function ( key, value). With the release of Joomla 3. 3, some sites are getting this error message: " Error decoding JSON data: Syntax error". This tutorial will explain the is. The function ` json_ decode( ) ` can be used to convert JSON data to PHP variables. Arrays as well as objects can be converted to their equivalent PHP literals. DisallowUnknownFields causes the Decoder to return an error when the destination is a struct and the input. A SyntaxError is a description of a JSON syntax error. Why has json decode started returning. The Json file should not return anything on render if it was due to. , JSON_ ERROR_ SYNTAX = > ' Syntax error. unterminated string literal SyntaxError: JSON.