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Syntax error value expected in c

Now that you edited another error is # define YEAR 365; Get rid of that ' ; '. This way month= = ' A' | | ' C' | | ' E' | | ' G' | | ' H' | | ' J' | | ' L' you are comparing the wrong values, i. < bool> | | < char> | | < char> | |. , which gives you an invalid syntax. Because you are returning an int not an int[ ]. Here, try this out: public static int[ ] arrayReverse( int[ ] array) { int c = array. Length - 1, b; for ( int i = 0; i < ( array. Length / 2) ; i+ + ) { b = array[ i] ; array[ i] = array[ c] ; array[ c] = b; c- - ; } return. If TimereportComposite is a variable which is already an array, and the method expects an array, you would pass it directly:. If the method expects a single value, and the variable is an array, you' d need to provide an index:. Your using an older version of C# which doesn' t support the var keyword, this was introduced in v3.

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    Value expected syntax

    0 and the minimum supported version of VS is. The equivalent in your version would be: string[ ] unitsMap = { " zero". C error: Expected expression before int · c syntax- error conditional- statements variable- declaration. When I tried the following code I get the error mentioned. The answer lies in the grammar of the if statement, as defined by the C standard. Your function needs a name! A block of code outside any function is meaningless in C. There are, in fact, several syntax/ conceptual errors in your example. Please clean it up and clarify your question - I' ll try to answer better. As stated on the comments, a good IDE could have caught this before compiling. I also recommend you to indent your code so you can better match opening/ closing braces. Your code suffers from additional errors, I highly. You can' t use # define stack and then later in the code, name a function stack.

    And you can' t define functions inide a function. checked is a keyword in C#. I think what you want is to check if the chk1 checkbox has a checked value, which you would do like this: if( chk1. Checked = = true) { }. or more simply: if( chk1.